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Our SLiCe of Heaven
When the Samantha Fund was first started, items were created  to help raise
funds.  The  first Samantha Fund gift items were Samantha bears and ribbon
pins. Due to their popularity, we have since expanded our selection.

Many of our gift items incorporate Samantha's birthstone (diamond), her
favorite color (purple), and butterflies (her favorite critter). Yellow is also used
representing Joshua's (Samantha's baby brother's) first favorite color.

Initially, we used a purple ribbon as our signature logo. We have since
redesigned it and now use our new Samantha Butterfly. The butterfly is
designed from two overlapping ribbons that create the butterfly's wings. In the
center is a diamond anchoring the wings, similar to how Samantha is the
center and anchor of her fund. We love our new logo and hope you do too.

Samantha Lorene Calafiore Memorial Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
tax deductible public charity. All donations are tax deductible to
the extent allowable by law.  

honoring Samantha's life because of the dedication and
backing the Fund receives from family, friends, and supporters
who volunteer their time and talent and continue to believe in
The Samantha Fund Mission.  
*Insulated Lunch Bag
Tote Bag (Large)
Tote Bag (Small)
$  7

*Ladies  Bejeweled
(Black Short-Sleeved)

Unisex (Black

*Personal Sanitizer:
*Note Pads

Ribbon Magnet (8")
Ribbon Magnet (4")
Lunch Bags & Tote Bags:
Stationery & Other Miscellaneous Items:
T-Shirts: new ladies style pictures coming!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need
more information regarding any of our items.
Gift Shop items in each of the different categories.
New Samanatha Butterfly logo
Original Purple Ribbon logo
with fund slogan
Samanatha Bears & Purple Ribbon Pins:
Samantha Bear
Ribbon Pin
$  4
* These are our newest items.