Our SLiCe of Heaven
Yellow and orange are Joshua's favorite colors of the rainbow.  Yellow was
Josh's first  favorite color and that is why we chose it as the color for our
Samantha Bears.  (See the Samantha bears in our
Gift Shop.)

Josh loves MMA, soccer, watching baseball, fishing, PlayStation, hanging out
with friends and loves spending time with our pup, Shea.

Josh loves his sister dearly and is very active with the Samantha fund. If you
received the 2007 Newsletter, the envelope was undoubtedly handled by
Josh. He  worked diligently getting the envelopes stuffed, addressed, and
stamped.  For the 2010 Newsletter, Josh took on the job of addressing and
stamping 500 envelopes with his Mom.  He wanted to complete the 1000+
envelopes and finally realized we needed some extra hands to get the job

You'll find Josh at our Fall Fundraisers behind the table with all the Samantha
Fund fundraising items. Visit our
Gift Shop to see our complete selection of
fundraising items.  
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Josh's first Mets game May 2007
Lets go Mets.
Pre-K Graduation Day -- June 2007
Josh and Miss Pat (Love Miss Pat)
Josh's 5th Birthday
November 8, 2006
Apple picking Fall 2006 Chester, NJ
Josh attending his first Bar Mitzvah May 2007
Josh and Mommy at Kindergarten graduation
June 2008
Josh and Daddy underwater in the Taj
pool Atlantic City February 2008
Samantha, Josh and
The Easter Bunny 2002
Samantha and Josh
(Josh's 1st Christmas)
December 2001
Samantha and Josh Forever
Brother and Sister March 2002
Samantha and Josh July 2002
Daddy, Samantha and Josh napping together
Big Sister Samantha's first visit
seeing her baby brother, Josh
Samantha taking care of her
baby brother. xoxoxoxo4u
Samantha and Josh July 2002
Halloween 2003 Just like his
Dad, police officer
Josh 5 years old
Josh 1st Grade
Josh 2009
Josh with his Mom Love you Josh xoxoxoxo
Josh and Shea
November 2009
Josh having his golf lessons. Summer 2009
Josh and a giraffe Great Adventure 2008
Celebrating Josh's 7th birthday in Atlantic City
at his favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs
Samantha Fall Fundraiser October 2008
Josh in Atlantic City - Nov. '09
celebrating his 8th Birthday
Happy 8th Birthday Josh
(in A/C at P.F. Changs)  
Christmas 2009 Josh with Shea
Summer '09 in Atlantic
City for the Air Show
Josh fishing on WML in "The
Cookie" boat Summer 2009
at left...Josh's first day of 2nd
grade waiting for the bus.
Josh and Dad at Cub Scouts
Pine Wood Derby 2009.  1st
Place in his Den.  So much fun.