Our SLiCe of Heaven

With pure delight I would like to introduce my family to you.  My amazing
husband, Salvatore “Sammy” Calafiore; my dream come true daughter,
Samantha Lorene Calafiore; my  prince of a son, Joshua Anthony Calafiore;
and myself, Mommy and wife, Sharon Calafiore.  Also included, our much loved
dogs, Odin and Calypso.  

Once a Mommy, always a Mommy.  This is something I have heard so much.  I
now more than ever agree with this perfect statement.  I am a Mommy and
always will be the mother of Samantha and Joshua Calafiore.  What is the “job”
of Mommy?  I believe it is a responsibility, a privilege, and the most rewarding
of jobs.  As a Mommy, you are the one that will do anything to keep your children
safe.  You are the one to teach them love, not hate.  You are the one to show
them extreme love and support for the magnificent things they can do and will

At 5:24 am, on Monday, August 12, 2002, my job description got even bigger.  At
this moment, My Bella, Samantha, was lovingly greeted into Heaven.  I say it got
even bigger because I now have to accomplish what my daughter set out to
achieve -– making a difference in this life.  I always knew my Samantha would
make a difference, although I did not know exactly how.  

In the name of our Samantha, for her love of life and for her genuine spirit,
Sammy, Joshua, and I with the help and support of Little Falls PBA #346,
started the Samantha Lorene Calafiore Memorial Fund, Inc.  The Samantha
Fund will aid children and families in various ways.  The fund may assist in
medical costs for ill children, aid schools in keeping our children safe, or
donate a life saving defibrillator to schools and youth centers.  By giving from
our hearts, we can feel Samantha’s Spirit.

When Samantha would say to me, “Mommy, I can’t do it.”  I would say, “Yes, you
can.  With practice and patience you can do anything.”  I will continue saying
these words, “With practice and patience we can do anything!”  We will carry on
in the path of my daughter and make a difference with her always in our hearts.

As The Samantha Fund begins and continues to grow, people will be reminded
that we too can make a difference.  Her fund is a continuous journey of her life,
her love, her sharing, and her compassion.  Always remember my Samantha’s
Spirit.  Listen to it, feel it, and be it.  

Sharon Calafiore (2003)
Forever Samantha and Joshua’s Mommy                              

©4ever4©   xoxoxoxo4u
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