Samantha Fund Mission
Soon after the sudden passing of Samantha Calafiore in August
2002, Samantha’s family, with support from PBA Local #346,
created the Samantha Lorene Calafiore Memorial Fund, Inc.
(Also referred to as The Samantha Fund.)  The Samantha Fund
was created to honor and remember Samantha’s life while trying
to make a difference.

The Samantha Fund is a grassroots 501(c)(3) public charity
based out of Northern NJ.  The Mission of the Samantha Fund is
to financially and emotionally support New Jersey families
during devastating, traumatic, life altering hardships.  The focus
of the Fund has always been based on children and concentrating
on family unity.

Because of the fund’s dedicated supporters who give their time,
talent along with their financial support we are able to respond
to families after they have learned their child has been
diagnosed with a life altering illness.  Financial assistance may go
toward costly medical bills or other family bills, help supplement
a parent’s income when a leave of absence occurs, or assist in
the cost of a hotel stay during hospital treatments.  The
Samantha Fund also financially supports families when tragedy
strikes with a death of a parent leaving behind young children
and a spouse who need stability while considering their future.  
The Fund strongly believes in supporting other NJ charitable,
organizations, chapters, memorial funds and foundations.

The continuous goal of Samantha’s Fund is to raise awareness
while raising funds.  By reaching this goal, the fund will be able
to increase the financial sum given to families when needs arise.  
The hope for the Fund is to continue with this journey, knowing
Samantha is the heart, soul and spirit of her treasured fund and
we are her workers on this Earth. May she continue to lead us
with her love, peace, strength and pride.

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Our SLiCe of Heaven
August 11, 2006 -- Sunset Lake, Wildwood Crest, NJ