November  2003
Our SLiCe of Heaven

Samantha Pins. Our Samantha Pins will continue to be distributed and
shared with all. The attached purple letter explains the beginning of our
Samantha Fund, the Samantha pins and the goal of our fund.  

We are able to give financial support to families and local communities
because of the time, talents, generosity and love people have given to our
Samantha Fund and to us.  

Monies have been raised in thoughtful and unique ways.  A very special thank
you goes to Nicole Stryker and The Passaic County High School.   In her
senior year at PVHS, she organized the “Samantha Calafiore” dress-down
day. Faculty members, who donated to the fund, received a Samantha Pin
and were entitled to participate in the dress-down day. Hugs and thanks to
Aunt Rene and those who participated in her craft show. We are so thankful to
Aunt Rene, Grandma Suler, Grandpa Cookie, Aunt Mary, Butterfly Lynda,
Audrey Scavetto and Barbara Armstrong for donating their beautiful
homemade crafts. Also, unbelievable gratitude to Candice Bierman, Terri
Wiley, Msgr. Carroll and the 2003 students at Our Lady of the Magnificat
School for giving so generously with their annual Tag Day.  To Liz
Sponenburg and the Wayne Jr. Women’s Club for sponsoring a wonderful
and successful walk around Packanack Lake. A heartfelt thank you goes to
the amazing Little Falls PBA Local #346 for their never ending giving and
loving support.  THANK YOU ALL.

It is with great love for our daughter and her beautiful spirit that we were able
to begin this fund.  Now, with support from you, we have been able to share
our Samantha with others.  Over the past year, our Samantha Fund has given
support and aid to the following families and local communities:

Morris County family whose five year old daughter needed life saving heart

Donated a defibrillator to a Passaic County high school

Donated a defibrillator to a Morris County grammar school/church

Morris County family dealing with the tragic loss of their mother

Bergen County family handling the needs of their daughter born two
months premature and with a rare disorder

Passaic County family being able to install a wheelchair lift for their nine
year old son who has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at the
age of two years old

Morris County family as they start up an organization to provide information
and support to families dealing with catastrophic illness or injury

Warren County family whose eleven year old daughter is recovering from
radiation therapy after being diagnosed with brain cancer

Warren County family needing specialized education so that they can more
productively challenge their four year old autistic son

Passaic County family handling the needs of their daughter who has a rare
liver disease

The SLC Fund will continue to raise awareness and financial support for
families and communities in need.

We will soon have a limited supply of our SLC Spirit Holy BearsÒ as well as
SLC calendars, pens and pencils, all available upon donation.

If you would like to participate and support our Samantha Fund, and us, you
are welcome to do so. Many friends and family members are taking our SLC
Fund and sharing the fund’s ideas with their friends, neighbors, co-workers
and family.

With your support and unconditional love, Our Samantha will forever be with

A loving thank you goes out to all of you.


Sharon and Sammy Calafiore
Forever Samantha and Joshua’s Mommy and Daddy