October 2004
Our SLiCe of Heaven

We are pleased to let you know that we have created our signature Samantha
Holy Bears
© for distribution.  Our Samantha Bears took over a year to create
and could not have been accomplished without the guidance, knowledge,
and dedication of Kelly O’Brien.  Kelly, thank you.  Our Samantha Bears are a
soft yellow 9” plush bear with an embroidered purple pin on the front,
Samantha’s embroidered handprint on the back, and her initials, SLC, on the
left footpad.  Our goal is to distribute the bears to EVERYONE that would like
the person who shared our Samantha Fund with you, and we will make sure
© Holy to get the bears to them for distribution.  If that does not work for you,
do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure you receive your
Samantha Bear. Also, our Samantha pins are continuing to be distributed.  
Please contact us if you are interested in receiving SLC pins (a $10.00
donation for each pin).

With great admiration we would like to thank so many groups, families, and
organizations for their support and generosity.  Monies have continued to be
raised so generously and in many unique ways.  We would like to say a very
special thank you to…

Grandpa Cookie Suler for his willingness and desire to share Our
Samantha Fund with everyone he meets and for supporting our fund by
making his unique and beautiful home made grottos.  

Janet Cooper and the Little Falls Jr. Women’s Club for their support in our
pin drive and for sharing and displaying our fund and pins at their Easter
bunny breakfast.    

Faculty and families at Rainbow Nursery School in Wayne for celebrating
the holiday season by advising the students’ families, in lieu of a holiday
gift, to make a donation to their favorite charity in which, many of the faculty
chose our Samantha Fund.    

Melissa Gibson and the Moms Club of Morristown who organized a garage
sale in which all proceeds went to our Samantha Fund.

Butler High School Class of 1983 for holding a 50/50 raffle during their 20-
year reunion and the winner, Jeff Struck, who graciously gave his “50” back
to our Samantha Fund.  

Christine Kohler and Danceworks in Denville for supporting our pin drive
and for their beautiful dedication to our Samantha during their holiday
program and 2003 recital. Also, in our Samantha’s name, Danceworks
gave a year scholarship to one of their deserving dancers.  

Students and faculty at Our Lady of the Magnificat School in Kinnelon who,
for the second year, gave so generously with their Tag Day.  

A “friend” who, on his wedding day, in lieu of favors at his reception, chose
to give to our Samantha Fund.  Thank you “friend”, for honoring Samantha.  

Pattie Stryker and the Woodmont School in Montville for giving so
generously with their dress down day.

Little Falls PBA Local 346 for once again reminding us, with their generosity
and remembrance, our Samantha is NEVER forgotten.

With great love for our daughter we were able to begin and now continue her
fund.  With your support, we have been able to financially support families and
communities in our neighborhoods.  We would like to share them with you…

Morris County family whose eight-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare
form of leukemia, which includes two types of the cancer.  Most importantly,
the disease is now in remission.

Morris County family whose 11-year-old son was diagnosed with
leukemia.  Their church sponsored a bone marrow drive and now the boy is
going through chemotherapy.

Donation of a defibrillator to a Morris County grammar school which,
including the regular classroom regiment, also has a class for special
needs children.  

Morris County family whose 13-year-old son needed a bone marrow
transplant after being diagnosed with leukemia.

Morris County family whose seven-year-old son was diagnosed with a
brain tumor.  Their son has endured surgery, a staph infection, a feeding
tube, and chemotherapy.  He is learning disabled with permanent vision
impairment.  He has been able to return to school with assistance from his

Supporting a Morris County family and their eleven-month-old daughter, as
they are able to celebrate the holidays through Morris County Operation
Holiday program, which aids less fortunate families during the holiday

Supporting NJ athletes with mental retardation by participating in the
Special Olympics 21st Annual Torch Run.  

Sponsored a Morris County five-year-old boy who participated in a Buddy
Walk to benefit his school.  His school is designed to support the needs of
exceptional children.

Passaic County family dealing with the devastation of their three-year-old
son stricken with a severe form of bacterial meningitis.  The boy has
endured a coma, strokes, seizures, kidney failure and potential brain
damage.  He has a very long road in a rehabilitation program where he will
have to relearn his motor skills.

Morris County family whose ten-year-old son was given a life saving liver
transplant after being diagnosed with end stage liver disease.  

Sponsored a Morris County resident as she participated in a walk for her
five-year-old niece who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  She is
receiving large doses of chemotherapy and is in need of a bone marrow

Without your continued heartfelt support we could not financially and lovingly
support so many communities and families. We would be so proud to share
with Samantha how great and giving the compassion of others can be.  
Always remember what YOU have accomplished in the name of our
Samantha.  Our beautiful; perfect little girl, who should never have left us, yet
has accomplished so much in her shortened life.  Samantha, we love and
miss you every moment our hearts beat.      

Peace to All,

Sharon and Sammy Calafiore
Forever Samantha and Joshua’s Mommy and Daddy

Final Thoughts……….On November 8, 2004 Our Joshua turns three.  He has
given us hope and reason to continue on our journey.  It is with great pride
and love we dedicate this newsletter to our little hero, Joshua Anthony

WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH.  xoxoxoxo4u  4ever4
Beauty with a cut on its finger,
Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the
Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket.
(Alan Beck)