October 2005
Our SLiCe of Heaven

Greetings.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the individuals,
families, schools, medical practices, business offices, Police Benevolent
Associations and Fire Departments who have supported the Samantha Fund
The generosity you have shown to the Samantha Fund and to her beautiful
memory has been an inspiration.  Hopefully that generosity has been able to
give some comfort to others.

Below is a list of families and communities the Samantha Fund and you have
been able to give financial support to since our last update letter (October

Supported four families thru the Morris County Holiday Operation Program
2004.  This program aids less fortunate families and families trying to
overcome emotional and physical abuse.  Also, thru this program we were
able to donate 18 Samantha Bears to share with the children.  

Supported a Morris County 5K memorial run/scholarship fund to honor a
seventeen-year-old girl and her family after her sudden death at her
school.   At the tragic time, her school did not have a defibrillator on site.

Morris County family whose son has been battling a very rare and
aggressive cancer.  They have also found evidence of further cancer on his
liver and lungs.  He has gone thru heavy chemotherapy, two surgeries, cat
scans, and weekly blood work.

Aid a Passaic County family as they try to overcome the loss of their home
to an accidental fire, more devastating, the loss of two of their children.

Morris County family as their seven-year-old son was diagnosed with an
inoperable brain tumor.  He will require a minimum of 30 radiation
treatments, followed by chemotherapy.  

Donation of a defibrillator to a Bergen County high school.

Supported NJ athletes with disabilities by participating in the Special
Olympics 22nd Annual Torch Run 2005.  

Middlesex County family whose three-year-old son has been diagnosed
with a cancerous tumor that has entwined itself around his kidney and
adrenal glands.  He has been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to
shrink the tumor so they can operate.  As a result of the treatments, he is
weak and cannot make the journey home.  He will stay in the hospital until
he gets stronger.  

Hudson County family whose four-year-old son has been diagnosed with
leukemia and has been going thru chemotherapy and continual testing.  

Support a Morris County charity fund as they raise monies to aid ailing NJ
youngsters.  The family that started this fund had gone thru their own battle.  
Their son was diagnosed with leukemia eight years ago.  Now the family,
along with their son, want to give back after all the support they have
received over the years.

Passaic County family as they continue to give their eleven-year-old son the
equipment that’s required for him to receive the exercise he needs.  At the
age of two-years-old the boy was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy.

Morris County family whose nine-year-old daughter has been diagnosed
with neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer.

Passaic County family whose seven-year-old son requires occupational
therapy after being diagnosed with sensory integration disorder.  This
disorder gives him difficulty with balance, perception and coordination.  
Since being able to continue his therapy, he is now learning to ride his

Gloucester County family whose seventeen-year-old daughter was
diagnosed with pancreatitis which led to an extended hospital stay, blood
transfusions and a period of time on a ventilator.  She has endured several
surgeries including the removal of her gallbladder, pancreas, spleen,
partial colon and small intestine.  She is currently home recuperating and
will have to have another surgery in two months.   

Essex County family whose two-year-old son has been diagnosed with a
rare disease in which white blood cells are above normal in the intestinal
tract.  If not treated, scar tissue forms.  He is unable to eat solid food and
needs prescription formula for nourishment.  Several times a year he has to
go out of state for treatments and the costs are extensive.

Thank you for making it possible for the Samantha Fund to continue to try to
make a difference and to remind each of us that there can be acts of
kindness in this uncertain world.  Your generosity and compassion give
strength and hope that together we can make Samantha’s life an ongoing
memory and a beautiful and priceless gift.  

We would like to let you know our most recent fundraiser item is now
available.  It is the Samantha magnetic car ribbon.  Other fundraising items
that are available are our customized Samantha bears, purple ribbon pins
and purple rubber wristbands. We would be happy to send you your choice of
these with a donation to the Samantha Fund.  

Please know we are open to suggestions in ways monies can be raised.  
You can contact us with your thoughts and ideas.  Also, if you are aware of any
New Jersey family or community that could use support or is in need please
let us know.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update letter and thank you for your
continued support and generosity.

With Much Gratitude,

Sharon & Sammy Calafiore
Forever Samantha and Joshua’s Mommy & Daddy