January 2007
Our SLiCe of Heaven

Greetings.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the friends, family,
acquaintances, and the many individuals we haven’t had the opportunity to meet
Because of this generosity, we have been able to continue to aid and support
local families and communities in their time of need.  Below is a list of the
communities we were able to support since our last update letter (October 2005).  

Supported five families thru the Morris County Holiday Operation Program
2005.  This program aids less fortunate families and families trying to overcome
emotional and physical abuse.  

Morris County family whose two-year-old boy was diagnosed at one year old of
a rare genetic disorder that affects energy producing cells in his body.  There is
no cure and the disease has not been extensively researched.  He has visited
three hospitals hoping to find treatment and cure.

Morris County family whose son at the age of ten years old had a life saving liver
transplant.  (At that time, the Samantha Fund was able to give financial support
to the family).  Now, at the age of twelve, their boy is in need of another
transplant.  A duct connected to the new organ is leaking causing reoccurring
bacterial infections in his blood stream.  

Morris County family who created a foundation devoted to raising funds for
pediatric cancer research and patient and family services.  Their foundation is
named after their son who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2003.  (At that time,
the Samantha Fund was able to give financial support to the family).   
Unfortunately, their son passed away when he was eleven years old due to
complications caused by a virus.  

Morris County family whose five-year-old boy was diagnosed with ALL type
leukemia.  The little boy has two years of chemotherapy ahead of him.

Supported a Morris County high school and a Morris County family as they
started a yearly scholarship fund in memory of their sixteen-year-old girl who
was murdered in a neighbors home.    

Three Warren County families who lost all their belongings in a condo house

Supported a Morris County camp that has been operating for 57 years.  The
camp runs five sessions every summer and is free to youngsters who are blind,
visually impaired or have multiple challenges ages five to eighteen.  

Sussex County family whose 55-year-old father was stricken with a rare form of
meningitis (neisseriameningitis).  He and his wife are parents to twelve
children.  He now resides in a rehabilitation institute in Essex County.    

Passaic County family whose thirteen-year-old boy had surgery to have a tumor
removed and tests showed it was not cancerous.                                                      

Supported ARFC (Aids Resource Foundation for Children) in Essex County.  
Their mission is to provide cost effective family-centered services to children
coping with the impact of HIV/AIDS.  In September 2006, the Samantha Fund
chose to donate much needed school supplies to their after school program.

Passaic County family whose boy has cystic fibrosis.  

Supported a Morris County family after a drunk driver killed their mother one
mile away from home.  All three of her children (15, 14 and 10 years old) were in
the vehicle with their mother.  The children were hospitalized with injures and
since have been released.   

Supported MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), which will go toward all the
NJ MADD Chapters.  

Morris County family in dire need to have their home modified in order to make it
handicapped accessible.  The family has three-year-old triplet boys born with
bilateral Periventricular Leukomalacia, precursor to cerebral palsy.  Also, their
mother was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Passaic County family whose six-year-old girl was born with a low red blood
count.  She also had a problem with her pituitary gland and she was not
growing normally.  Because of this, her muscles and bones were weak and she
was unable to sit up.  She stopped speaking and at the age of two she couldn’t
walk because of poor balance.  Her sensory area of the brain has deteriorated
and there has been no diagnosis and no known cure.  Currently, no further
atrophy has shown in her cerebellar region of the brain.  

Morris County family whose two-year-old girl was recently diagnosed with a
brain tumor.  She is undergoing chemotherapy.  

The on going support you’ve given to these and other families and organizations
have made it possible for our Samantha Fund to continue its mission.  Our hope
is that with each year, we can support even more families in time of need.  We are
open to suggestions in ways monies can be raised so contact us anytime with
your thoughts and ideas.  If you know of a community or family in need of
assistance, let us know.    

We continue to have our Samantha fundraising items available.  We have our
Samantha bears, ribbon pins, wristbands, car magnets and our newest item,
black tote bags with ribbon embroidery.  We would be happy to send you your
choice of these with a donation to the Samantha Fund.  Our next fundraiser is
scheduled for January 27th, 2:00 – 4:00 pm.  If you are interested, email us at and we’ll send you the information.  Finally, we are
planning a dinner dance to be held sometime late fall of this year. Look for further
information mid year.    

We’ll end with a final thank you for your continued generosity and kindness and for
taking the time to read our update letter.

May the world be peaceful and gentle to you and your families.

Sharon and Sammy Calafiore
Forever Samantha and Joshua’s Mommy & Daddy

(Charles Dickens)