January 2008
Our SLiCe of Heaven

Greetings.  We want to thank you for your generosity through these years.  It has
been healing to have your continued support.  Your generosity has made it
to share with you some information on a fundraiser that is being planned.  Mark
your calendars for the Samantha Fund Casino Night Fundraiser to be held
October 11, 2008.  This will be our biggest event yet and will be held at the Meat
Cutters Union Hall on Paterson Ave. in Little Falls. In the coming months we’ll be
sending out details and ticket information.  This information will also be posted on
We are hoping this year will be a busy one for the Samantha Fund.  We’re excited
our web site  We hope to have your participation and, as
always, your support so that this may be a successful and enjoyable evening.

Below is a list of the families that the Samantha Fund has contributed to since our
last update letter (January 2007).

Bergen County family whose son has “late infantile” batten disease, a neuro-
degenerative disorder.  As yet, there is no cure and no extensive treatment.  

Sussex County family whose four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with
leukemia. (Sadly, she passed away this past fall).  

Monmouth County family whose baby boy was diagnosed prenatal with severe
aortic stenosis, the narrowing or obstruction of the hearts aortic valve.  Five days
after birth he suffered a partially collapsed lung.  Eight days after birth he had a
heart transplant.  

Bergen County family whose 11-year-old son has an inoperable brain tumor.

Passaic County family whose one-year-old daughter was diagnosed with acute
lymphoblastic leukemia.  She has undergone weekly chemotherapy treatments
and in the fall had a bone marrow transplant.  

Bergen County family whose father died suddenly leaving behind his wife and
four young  children, one who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Ocean County family whose three-year-old daughter was diagnosed with
communication and motor speech disorders.  She cannot communicate and is
learning sign language. She needs speech therapy and the costs are high and
not covered by families insurance.

Supported a Passaic County family with the cost of funeral services for their six-
year-old daughter after she was struck by a car just steps away from her home.  

Morris County family whose father died suddenly leaving behind his wife and
two small children.

Passaic County family whose nine-year-old boy has been diagnosed with
sensory integration disorder.  He has difficulty with his perception, coordination
and balance.  He needs occupational therapy on a regular basis.

Morris County family whose 12-year-old daughter was diagnosed with chronic
myelogenous leukemia.  She underwent brain surgery and is going thru
chemotherapy.  A bone marrow drive was held to help find a match.  

Morris County family whose 13-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia.  At
the time, his sibling was a bone marrow match.  

Passaic County family whose father died suddenly leaving behind his wife, who
has advanced stages of multiple sclerosis, and five children, the youngest
being 11-years-old.   

Morris County family whose 16-year-old daughter has a rare brain disease.  
This disease causes the blood vessels to wrap around the nerves causing
shooting pains throughout her face.  She has undergone surgery and more
brain surgery is likely in the future.  Because of the pain she can no longer
attend school.   

Essex County family whose two-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia.

Bergen County family whose five-year-old son was diagnosed with Duchenne
Muscular Dystrophy.  

Supported five families thru the Morris County Operation Holiday Program
2007.  This program aids families trying to overcome hardships, illnesses and
emotional and physical abuse.  Also donated 12 Samantha bears to be

The donations that have been given to support these children and their families
have been from the generosity and kindheartedness of you, the Samantha Fund
supporters.  The Samantha Fund will continue to set goals and raise donations
thru various fundraisers.  We are hoping our October Casino Night will be a
successful one.

We will continue to supply Samantha Fund gift items such as Samantha bears,
ribbon pins, tote bags, wristbands, ribbon magnets and t-shirts.  These items
help raise both money and awareness for the fund.  You can see the gifts we have
by visiting and clicking on the
Gift Items tab.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and if you wish to send a
donation, please use the enclosed Donation and Information Slip.

Sharon and Sammy Calafiore         
Forever Samantha and Joshua’s Mom & Dad        

(Charles Dickens)